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18th century

What did it cost then

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In the Danish-Norwegian coin system, rigsdaler species was the main coin in the period 1544 - 1813, and in Norway it was usually called daler or species. 

  • In 1625 1 rigsdaler = 4 ort = 6 mark = 96 skilling

  • Skilling was a currency used in Norway between 1505 and 1875. Converted to today's exchange rate, a shilling was worth approx. 1.50 kr.

  • Courant or kurant means small coins.

  • NOK 10 for us corresponded to NOK 3,655. in 1701. This corresponds to a price increase from 1701 to 2012 of 36,450%.

  • The crown was introduced in 1875 in both Norway and Denmark.

Price calculator that converts riksdaler to today's krone value


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