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Sight and assessment
business 1782

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On 23 / 8-1782 «the court was sat on Nøstetangen under Hougs-Præstegaard in Eger Parish in a house belonging to De Norske Glass Fabriqver, and now inhabited by Iohan Holand,…» to carry out a sight and appraisal business

«1 Houses and Buildings:

The map below shows where Nøstetangen Glasværk was located, and the picture and drawing are from the excavations that Drammen Museum carried out in 1926

Image Drammen museum excavation 1926.png
m build 1_900_edited.jpg
map registration_edited.jpg

a: Een Vaanings Bygning Kaldet Forvalter Bygningen , bestaaende af een Etage hvori er 2de Stuer et Kammer, og Kiøcken med Bagerovn. J The rooms have 2nd Toe Floor Tile Stoves and a single Wind-Oven, which, however, separate from the furniture must be found Taxed. The building has eight bay windows, of small so-called English panes, four in height and 2nd in width, and also 2nd small windows of 4 panes. The rooms found us in usable condition, in both living rooms the floors were good, but in the chamber and the kitchen they were damaged and in need of repair. For the rest were the doors with its locks and hinges, as well as the windows with hinges and hooks. The land belongs to Hougs Præstegaard, this building thus described was taxed for - 100rd.

b: A Side = Building close to the newly described also one Floor high , consisting of 3 furnished Rooms, in which are 3rd Tiled stoves, which among the Jnventarii Varieties are found Taxed: a parte is found 2 Chimneys in 2 Kitchens and everywhere in the Building are 6 bristle-shaped subjects Windows smaller than in Building a, but very brittle on the windows, in addition to the 2nd small windows of the height of the 3rd window, this building was taxed by the court for - 50rd.

Both of these buildings are covered with bricks. 

c: The southernmost material Huus af Reisværk een Etage Høy, with nailed boards clad, long 37½ ordinary steps and wide 15 Ditto, provided with a tile-hung roof on which about 5000 red roof tiles after appearance in good condition, the walls are old and most betrayed. The house has formerly been longer but when the passing river annually removes from the ground in Flomme = Tiid; if it has been cut off, the one Lafft = stone has fallen away, and without hasty help the foundation will cause the fall of the house by the fall of the earth. At the house there are 4 old gates with rusted hinges and were taxed for a total of - 30rd.

d: Det nordre Material = eller saa kaldte = Magazin = Huus af beskaffenhed som det sidste beskrevne og har paa Taget approx. 4500de Steen blev ansadt for lige Summa - 30rd .

e: A forge with a workshop, with old masonry walls and tile roofs, but all dilapidated and incompetent, could not be taxed without so much as perhaps some of the stone could be saved and become usable. Anbolt as well as Bellows etc. are found among the Inventory Varieties, this old Machine was Taxed for - 10rd.

f: An older walled building called Bruns , completely dilapidated and unusable, by Muur-Steen could perhaps still be saved, woodwork in walls and roofs betrayed and can not even be used for firewood. It was in total Taxed for - 5rd.

g: Another old building called the castle of just plain condition but when it was bigger Rudera was taxed for - 12rd .

h: Remains of the previous Nøstetangs Glass-Hytte in which there are pieces of Muure , sunken and undressed betrayed roof, betrayed board = walls: All useless and incompetent, but since there are some old nails, and partly still firewood in the wooden hull, these remains were assessed for - 5rd.

i: Oppe ved Hoens Elven befandt man fiire gamle Træe vægge af det Huus hvor Kiselen i Fabriqvens Tiid var bleven brændt, kis Tag var borte, kunde indedele brænde veed til Værdie for - 2 ort.

Several houses were not found.

Forvalter Muus presented a Designation of the Inventarii Sorts received by him in his Tiid Embeds = messig, m. - After one had accurately looked at the Jnventarii-Sorter described hereafter and found everything in accordance with the Designation, each number was assessed separately, and when, in order to gain time, the Taxations Sum was added to the Extract delivered by the Administrator to the Administrator; so now this wording becomes to consume as follows:


Over the Inventaria located at Nøstetangen's Glass Works. - (I have written the list continuously and added rdr., Ort og skill .; my comment).

Throwing Tool:

1 blow-bellows in usable condition 3 rdr., 1: Throw Anbolt 8 rdr., 1 Sledgehammer 1 herb, 3 Nails Iron 1 herb, 3 Set Hammers 12 skill., 1 Ax-Vol 16 skill., 2 Sinke Stæd 2 herb , 2 Beak Stæd 1 rdr., 5 Stamps 8 skill., 2: Haand Hammere 1 ort, 4 Smide Tånger 2 ort, 6 Potte Pikkere 1 ort, 2 Skraadere 8 skill., 1 Bord Naver 6 skill., 1 Af-Hug -Iron 4 skill., 2 Lock Screws 8 skill., 1 Iron Tin Scissors 1 ort 8 skill., 1 Screw Stick 1 rdr. 2 ort, 3 Skrue Snit Gamle 8 skill., 4 Pibe Dorer 4 skill., 1 Klink Hammer 4 skill., 18 gamle Fiiler 1 ort, 1 Rømer Spændel 12 skill.

Tools for the Silicon Quarry:

27 drill Naver 2 rdr., 3 drill feisler 1 ort 8 skill., 1 waiting feisel most worn 4 skill., 2 break-rods 2 ort 16 skill., 2 Krafsere 16 skill., 1 Kiile Hacke 8 skill., 1 Jern -Stoers 12 skill., 1 Reen Naal 4 skill., A Jern Kiile 4 skill., 1 Trulle-Boer 1 ort.

Grinding Tools:

1 Wooden Hiul, which for 1 Iron Disc for Sand Grinding with 2 herbs, 1 Hiul of Wood with 1 Polishing Disc of Wood 1 herb 8 skill., 1 Hiul with Toucher Steener for 2 herbs, 1 Ball Workshop with 14 Spindles for 1 rdr ., Nok 1 Tin hiul for 1 ort, 1 Skiære Værk-Stæd med 38 Spindler uden Træde Hiul 2 rdr., 1 Jern Skive til at rive Smergel paa med en Jør Løber til 1 ort 8 skil. Pandeloqver 16 skill., 14 Dreier eller Hugge Jern 2 ort 8 skill., 7 Fiiler 16 skill., 1 Rasp 4 skill., 1 Stik Saug 6 skill., 1 Jern Hammer til Spindelen 8 skill., Et frit-Boer 2 skill. ., 6 Hoel Boer 1 ort, 1 Baand Knife 12 skill., 2 Passes 16 skill., 1 Hammer without Shaft 8 skill., 1 Small Beak Stæd 12 skill., 1 Screw Pliers 8 skill., 1 Pinch Pliers 12 skill. , 1 Liim Pot 8 skill., 1 Lang Høvel 8 skill., 1 Dunk derudi 8 tt Smirgel a 24 s. Tt 2 rdr., 1 Haand Skrue Stikke 12 skill., 3 Steene til at giænnemskiæres 12 skill., 1 gammel Staal Traad Sigt med Jern Trusk 1 ort, 1 Punner Weight useless 1 ort 8 skil l., 1 Fire Spray useless 2 herb, 2 Grinding-Steene with Iron Aas and 1 Iron Float for both 1 rdr., 1 Iron Tin Pan 2 rdr., 2 Kiøl-Oven Doors of Iron tin 1 herb, 6 double Iron Balls with Just as many cast Iron Tuder 18 rdr., 1 Tiære Kost 4 skill., 1 mur Hammer 6 skill., 2 gamle Kiære Hiul 1 ort 8 skill., 2 stobte 4/12 Jern Pander 1 rdr. 2 herbs, 1 large pot holder = 167 pots 5 rdr., 1 large pan about 5 barrels of space Hole in the bottom and useless 8 rdr., 13 work chairs a 12 s: 1 rdr. 2 ort 12 skill., 1 sink-bench 4 skill., 1 large tub with iron band 1 rdr., 1 smaller ditto with iron

Baand 2 ort, 1 Vand Saae 2 skill., 2 Haar = Sigter i Træe Trøsker 1 ort 8 skill., 1 Kiæsel Kiste med Jern Beslag 1 ort 8 skill., 2 Gemæng Trauger 2 ort, 1 Haand Kiærre 1 rdr. 2 ort, 1 Trulle Trolley for Glass Casserne 1 ort 8 skill., 2 Model Skabere 16 skill., 1 Lang Hytte Ladder 12 skill., 1 maale Qvarter med 3de Jern Baand 1 ort, 28 Tyske Digler a 32 s. Støkket 9 rdr . 1 ort 8 skill., 7 English Ditto a 16 s. 1 rdr. 16 skill., 5 Molds for Crucibles, in addition 5 Iron Jører 2 ort 12 skill., 3 Kiøl Pots therefor 5 Molds and in addition 8 Iron Jorer 2 ort, 5 Pot trays 16 skill., 14 Molds for Steen 1 ort, 1 Iron ballance and 2 Bowls for 2 rdr., 2 Bowls for an Iron 8 skill., 2nd Floor Tile Stoves with Iron Tubes in Schieraads Boelig á 11rd 22 rdr., 1 Single Tile Stove Ligesaa 6 rdr., 5 Ditto Ditto without Iron Pipes in the other Houses 37 rdr., 3 Bie Bieleggere a 4rd 12 rdr., 3 Tørk-Ovn Dorer a 32 s: 1 rdr., An old useless Brass Sigt med Jern Trøsk 16 skill., 1 Ditto brugelig med Jern Trøsk 1 ort, 1 Ditto med Træe Thresh 12 skill., 1 good Iron Shovel 1 herb, 40 Window Laughs of old almost incompetent, in the same is 205 Window Windows of Diverce size 3 rdr., 1 piece Lead lead 27 ht 3 herb 8 skill., 1 Paper Shelf 16 skill. ., 1 Ritze Bog med Kobber-Støkke 1 ort, 14 Fader uduelig Pot Aske 50 Tønder /.omtrænt./ Raae Aske, kan ikke Taxeres. -

The count is in accordance with the record provided to me by the previous Manager Schierraad. Ioh. Henr: Mouse. -

Fremdeeles announced that the trustee had saved some dilapidated roofs and masonry stones from the dilapidated hut and several houses described in this business. thus alone had to be judged over the head, the court could not employ this post more closely than that the roof tiles were assessed for 10 rdr. and Muursteenene for 2 rdr. Furthermore, the Trustee did not have to give up. -

Thus the requisition given to this business had been completed as accurately as possible in the circumstances. The court added to Alleene with regard to the tax rate that since especially the old houses as dilapidated become smoother daily, their value if it is not timely evaluated after the hand will be considerably diminished and soon disappeared. Several of the Inventory Varieties Depressed by Rust and Their Nervous Value or Employee Price shows it. … ».

«… And thus the Taxations Summaries for Nøstetangens Hytte's pertinentier in total »425 rdr. 3 ort 10 skill. - Later mentioned «Taxed Huuse Buildings as well as inventory the needled Nøstetangens Glas Werk».

(Private archive no. 1: Glassworks, collection; Norske Kompani; Miscellaneous, no. 153; Appraisal and inspection shops over the properties ».


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